We offer many services, such as buying assistance, color coordination, space planning, lighting and furniture layout, flooring selection, window coverings and accessorizing.


Buying Furniture:
If you are buying furniture and know what you want, but have not been able to find it on your own, come into Countrywood Interiors and we will consult our vast resources to find you the perfect piece.  But we don’t stop there.  We will also work with your home photos and measurements to ensure the proper fit for any item you purchase.  You are always able to check out and take home fabric and wood samples as well as room schematics.

If you are at the beginning of the process and want help with choosing colors for upholstery, rugs, lamps, walls, window covering or accessories, we can help with that too.  We will come to your home and based on your lighting, exposure and desired look, make color recommendations and help tie together all the components of the room.  We use and recommend Benjamin Moore paints, but will work with any brand you may prefer.

Space Planning:
We excel in space planning.  Many homes in the bay area were built and designed when family life was very different than it is today.  We listen to what your family needs and the lifestyle you are trying to achieve and recommend the best possible layout.  We have exclusive relationships and resources that can help resolve your special needs.


A well designed room is lost if the proper lighting is not installed.  We recommend a combination of accent, task and ambient lighting to properly illuminate your home.  Lighting placement is closely tied to space planning since those two go hand in hand.  Let’s face it, a remodeled home with beautiful new furniture and accessories deserves a well-lit room to show them off properly.

Interior Design/Furniture Placement:
Furniture layout and space planning are very closely tied.  If a room is well designed for the activities that it supports the furniture placement will enhance the intended purpose of your room.  We take into consideration, your lifestyle, pets, children, lighting and architecture to help you choose the best possible furniture layout.  We will provide you with scaled drawings of the room and how the furniture will fit and traffic flow throughout the room.  A room cannot be successful if the furniture is placed poorly or off scale, even if the furniture is beautiful.


Flooring is the foundation of every room, literally.  If you get the foundation wrong, it can be difficult to build a successful scheme.    Great flooring will add tremendous value to your home and can improve the way a room functions.  We help navigate in an effort to get you the highest quality for the best price.  We help coordinate different flooring throughout your house, considering sun exposure and evaluate all factors to ensure that you get the return on your flooring investment.  A great selection here is the perfect foundation on which to build a successful room.

Window Coverings:
Window coverings are often an area where most homeowners can benefit from a professional.  There are so many options available, that help in this area can really save you money and help tie together your home.  Mistakes in this area can be costly.  We will help you evaluate lighting control, privacy challenges, aesthetic aspirations, budget restraints, accessibility and desired result.  We use a combination of commercially made products and custom designed options to make your home look and feel more comfortable.


Accessories for your home are like the jewelry you wear or the way you style your hair.  Without this finishing touch, it simply feels incomplete.   Accessorizing your home is often the most challenging layer in the decorating process.  While more and more resources have made accessories more available, this availability also places a great burden on the homeowner to make the right choice.  Couple that with the desire to have a home that feels unique and shows who you are, and this process can become daunting and overwhelming for any homeowner.  Today, editing your décor has become an art, and like so many skills, practice makes perfect.  Let our experienced eye help guide you through those items to help you find the right items.  This process can be very personal and we treat every project with the individuality it deserves.  After all, even the best of Hollywood’s stars hire a stylist and consultant to put their best faces and fashion forward.

In-Home Consultations:
We are also available for in-home consultations to help you finalize those tough decisions.