Elegant Home

This home was re-modeled top to bottom, including new floors, new fireplace, and all new furnishings.  The homeowner wanted an elegant yet comfortable home where her whole family would gather and enjoy the holidays in style.  She was thrilled with how beautifully everything looks and how cozy and comfortable the house feels.  During the process, she was un-sure about everything coming together.  I had to assure her about the final visions and keep her on track.  In the end she was “thrilled” with the results.  

Cozy Cottage

This homeowner came to me after having been to two of the largest competing design firms in the area.  Ultimately we won her heart by offering her smart, beautiful solutions.  This project was inspired by a beautiful rug the homeowner picked up in India.  The rich colors and subtle elegance were echoed throughout the small space.  Her favorite feature, and ultimately the smartest solution was the corner dining nook.  Her guests love to linger after dinners and talk.  Before we beautified her space, she spent many weekend away in her cabin.  Now she wants to stay home and enjoy this beautiful home.

Concord Bungalow

This busy mother of 4 boys and several grandchildren wanted a living room, she could host the whole family in and not worry about the furniture.  Beautiful but durable was the order of the day.  We used the beautiful hand embroidered print with great sentimental value to inspire the color palette.  We gave her family friendly fabrics with a dressy feel and blended some of her existing pieces with new upholstery, carpet, drapes, and rugs.  Ultimately the success of the room was ensured when even the big boys found themselves enjoying the pretty pink chairs.  This room no longer says Grandma lives here, it says a chic and elegant lady lives here.

Coastal Elegance

“A home should be as unique as the family that lives there, and we excel at bringing that out in your home.”

Shuey Ave.

This home had been recently remodeled with new floors, new paint, new molding and new shutters.  The homeowner had this beautiful rug to use in the room and everything evolved from that.  She had already been to several retailers in search of the perfect sofa and just could not find it.  When she came to Countrywood Interiors, we scheduled her in-home consultation and within days, we had the perfect sofa.  Her beautiful Hummel collection was professionally displayed in a modern cabinet, her favorite part of the room. We added a window seat, so her dogs, could look out the front window.  All the accessories were carefully chosen and artwork was custom sized.  All together a successful layout and the perfect distribution of color to match that gorgeous rug.

Modern Twist

This home owner had a great eye and very specific needs, she just needed a professional to help her finish it.  With some expert guidance and some pretty accessories, her room’s potential was finally realized.  She was so happy that not only it was done, but her husband and daughters liked to room too.